While actively researching and investigating Web3, DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs my work also involves 3D art, especially avatar creation for existing virtual worlds and developing post-scarcity domains in the Metaverse. All of this builds on a background in programming and art going back decades.

Graduating Summa cum Laude from UCSD with a double major in Visual Arts and Communication won me a Jacob Javits Fellowship to earn an MFA. I'm open to collaborations and collective work while frequently contributing art for causes seeking meaningful change in an alternate post-scarcity world.

Shifting back-and-forth between an autonomous SJW fellow-traveler and survivalist for decades I alternately wavered from Luddite to bleeding-edge technophile. I'm over shilling for ideologies that only desire to exploit me as an artist or tech support.

At most, I'm now a participatory evangelist for a creator-centric Web3 and all it entails. Having been booted off several centralized social media platforms for my social justice views at one time or another, I grow weary of endlessly having to recreate myself to suit their parameters. Now I work to inhabit post-scarcity domains of the Metaverse. Perhaps I will meet you there.

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Editor of Epoch Eclipse