I totally agree with you. It's this, all of this, why I have absolutely no hope in meanful change being made in time to forestall human extinction.

Our global male-dominated society has sought extinction since it achieved global hegemonic supremacy. It's a death culture on a death trip.

Oh, sure, we can look at the roots of the psychology that begets this. Oh, sure, we can look at what has to change at this late change to give the human species a chance for survival. But all that looking and examination still results in not enough meaningful action not nearly soon enough.

Personally, i'm putting all my chips on the "many-world" quantum mechanics interpretation. That at least gives me an out and an opportunity for survival.

I'm evolving my consciousness beyond the death trip this world is on. Call it excapism if you will. That's where I'm going.



Bootstrapping my work on DAO Data Unions Running post-scarcity domains in the Metaverse with NFT sales.

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