It's certainly not the world I wish to live in. That's why I embrace the "many-worlds" interpretation of Quantum Machanics.

That's also why I embrace the Simulation Theory AKA the Simulation Hypothosis.

I've personally developed my consciousness to accept and prepare for these alternate realities in parallel universes. Now I'm pursuing the technical means.

I wish to traverse the Garden of Forking Paths to other timelines. I wish to leave this simulation for a post-scarcity world. I'm putting my effort into getting there.

I've written about why I see this world enacting the death-wish our global hegonmonic culture strives for. Now I have no choice but to leave this world behind and to seek other worlds that embrace life and our species' continuance.



Bootstrapping my work on DAO Data Unions Running post-scarcity domains in the Metaverse with NFT sales.

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